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Convaid Ambassador Program



What is a 2016 Convaid Ambassador?

Convaid Ambassadors are volunteers who share their insights and experiences with the greater Convaid community. Each Ambassador family brings its own style and energy to educate and inform others about their choice in pediatric mobility.  Ambassador families continually engage with the online Convaid community, at school functions, at Convaid dealer events, in support groups, at Abilities Expo, or at special health interest gatherings.  


What kind of assignments are 2016 Ambassadors asked to complete?

  • Convaid Ambassadors are asked to fulfill the following assignments throughout the year:
  • Choose from online activities and perform them to earn points that are redeemable for accessories and other Convaid perks
  • Attending one regional event of their choosing per quarter
  • Serve as a Convaid representative at Abilities Expo, local special needs events and  other such gatherings
  • Write blog posts, submit videos, suggest articles
  • Participate in clinical studies and other Convaid research
  • Share photo pictorials of “all the places they have gone” in their Convaid
  • Provide specific photographs as occasionally assigned by Convaid Marketing
  • Seek out and suggest local outreach opportunities for Convaid
  • Provide photographs for clinical studies, social media and Convaid’s traditional and social media outlets
  • Engaged with Convaid’s online community on an on-going basis
  • Fulfill special assignments as mutually determined between Ambassador family and Convaid


What kind of time commitment is required?

Ambassadors will serve a one (1) calendar year term. At the end of their term, Ambassadors may elect to continue on as Convaid Ambassador Emeritus where they will mentor new Ambassadors and continue to engage with the Convaid community on an ad hoc basis as new Ambassadors adhere to a more stringent schedule of activity. Once 2016 Ambassadors are appointed, Convaid’s Marketing Department will debrief each new Ambassador individually, and then follow up with an interactive webinar in early January. Thereafter, Convaid’s Marketing Department will interface with Ambassadors on an ongoing basis and will host a quarterly success webinar for all Ambassadors.


Is there a training or introduction session for incoming 2016 Ambassadors?

Yes. There will be a kickoff call with Convaid’s Marketing Communications Manager. On this call, Ambassadors will receive specific instruction on how the Ambassador Online Incentive Program works, learn more about the resources available from Convaid and ask questions about the program. After the initial debriefing, Ambassadors are encouraged to remain engaged with the Convaid Marketing Department on as frequently as needed.


Do Convaid Ambassadors receive any perks?

Yes. During the year that you are a Convaid Ambassador, you will receive free tune-ups for your Convaid wheelchair, will receive a discount for a new wheelchair (one every 5 years from the expiration of your Ambassadorship); will receive new Convaid wheelchair accessories as they are launched at no cost; and, Ambassadors will be able to earn additional accessories and other Convaid perks by participating in the Ambassador Online Incentive Program. 


How do I apply?

Applications for the 2016 Ambassador program will be accepted November 1, 2015 – December 15, 2015 Ambassador Application and new Ambassadors will be announced during the first week of January 2016.



Please contact Milena Rimassa, Marketing Communications Manager at milena@convaid.com for more information.


Program requirements:

  • Ambassadors must be an active Convaid customer.
  • Ambassadors must be residents of the U.S. or Canada only.
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