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Cruiser Wheelchair

Cruiser Wheelchair
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Getting around should be easy for everyone - and it can be. Special needs children and adults can travel easily and freely in lightweight folding chairs from Convaid. Our compact wheelchairs are designed specifically for children and young adults who want to be active. Durable and convenient, the Convaid Cruiser is the perfect solution for the jet-set family. 

The patented design of these lightweight folding wheelchairs provides maximum comfort and durability. Best of all, you’ll get years of use out of your dependable Convaid Cruiser wheelchair.

Convaid Compact Wheelchairs: Features and Benefits

•  Custom-built to meet your specific needs.
•  Self-Tensio™ built-in self-tensioning seating system increases sitting comfort
•  Removable, washable Cordura or Textiline upholstery is available in various colors
•  5-year growth capabilities: adjustable seat depth extends chair life for a growing child
•  One-piece angle adjustable push handle for easy maneuvering (two-piece handle also available)
•  Upgrade to an all-terrain wheelchair with the Scout Transit Package!
•  Comprehensive positioning options provide maximum comfort 
•  These lightweight folding wheelchairs fold like umbrella strollers!

All Convaid Cruiser wheelchairs have earned an HCPCS code of E1236 and are classified as pediatric, compact-folding wheelchairs.


Customize Your Convaid Today

Customizable Convaid Compact Wheelchair

Convaid Cruiser lightweight folding wheelchairs are available in several different models. Our wheelchairs are customizable; if you don't see something on the list below that meets your exact needs, we'll be happy to work with you to build a custom solution. 

Cruiser Scout

The Cruiser Scout is an all-terrain, lightweight folding wheelchair designed for maximum comfort and durability. 

The dynamic Cruiser Scout package transforms your Cruiser into an all-terrain wheelchair with built-in lumbar support and a 20° fixed tilt at shoulder level to encourage stability and good posture. With disc brakes—the same type used on high-end mountain bikes—and knobby tires, you’ll enjoy superior performance on a variety of surfaces and terrains. The Scout Package also features an attendant handbrake, heavy-duty reinforced upholstery, and an ergonomic back. Numerous positioning options help you achieve optimal positioning, and most accessories do not need to be removed when folding the chair. 

Cruiser Planar

The Cruiser Planar compact wheelchair provides comfort and promotes healthy posture.

The Cruiser Planar Package provides comprehensive seating and positioning options for maximum comfort and optimal positioning. Cruiser Planar lightweight folding wheelchairs feature solid seats and backs, which provide additional positioning and support for longer periods of sitting. The Planar seating option  promotes good trunk posture for better respiration and improved digestion. The Planar solid seat and back option can be easily removed for convenient folding and easy transport.

Cruiser Transit

Cruiser Transit wheelchairs are ideal for transport on the bus to school, day programs, or field trips.

For a child who must remain in his/her wheelchair during travel, a Convaid Cruiser Transit model is the safest choice. These convenient, lightweight folding wheelchairs are RESNA-WC19 compliant and have been crash testedto proper industry standards. The Transit package is available as an optional add-on for almost all of our upright wheelchairs, and equips the chair with four (4) bright red anchors, a headrest extension, a positioning belt, and foot positioners. All WC19 Transit Ready Convaid Cruiser wheelchairs can be used as seating in a bus or van.

Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair: Set Your Wheels in Motion!

The Convaid Cruiser wheelchair leads the world in compact-folding positioning systems. Its lightweight portability and solid durability make it the most convenient compact wheelchair for busy parents and children. The Cruiser has a 30° fixed tilt, perfect for those who need increased upper body positioning. Innovative positioning options help you achieve the ideal support for your child. The patented design provides maximum comfort and durability.

Your Convaid Cruiser Wheelchair Will Grow With You! 

A wheelchair is a significant investment —and is expense to replace as your child gets older. Cruiser wheelchairs from Convaid eliminate the need to buy new wheelchairs—or expensive growth kits—as your child grows. Cruiser wheelchairs can grow with your child. With just a few simple adjustments, your Cruiser can grow along with your child for up to five years!

Go Places with a Convaid Cruiser Wheelchair! Contact Us Today.

Contact us today for more information about our convenient, lightweight folding wheelchairs. 


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Lifetime on Frame and X-Braces


By The Williams Family

A popular television show once proclaimed "To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before".

We are anxiously awaiting our son's new Scout, and we love them so much, because they have allowed us to take him "Where Everybody Else Has Been Before".

The Scout has truly opened many doors and expanded horizons for our family!

By Stacy B

Jenny's Cruiser has made such a difference for our little family….it is so easy to go places now, we even went to Disney World last month!

By Deborah Willis

Our grandson, Mason (age 11), received his Cruiser 16 just over a year ago and we couldn't be happier! We use it on a daily basis! The previous wheel chair was so heavy and bulky! Parts kept breaking and coming off, and when I tried to re-order them, I was informed that the company had gone out of business and I could no longer get parts. Let me say that we are so blessed to have our Cruiser!

We met the nice folks at Convaid personally last year during the Mobility Expo, just after receiving the Cruiser. They were so helpful and wonderful to talk with. We discussed additional items that we might need. True to their word, when they arrived back at their office, the following week the package was delivered to our home!

You can depend on this company and its great service to assist you with any of your mobility needs! They go the extra mile!

By Janet Rhudy

We have been using Convaid chairs for 23 years.David our oldest son got his first Cruiser Classic at 5 years old and used for 10 years then it was passed down to his yourger brother Joshua. David got a new bigger Cruiser. These chairs are so good and they hold up so well. Last year we got the boys both the new Cruiser's and I don't know who loves them more the boys or me. The boys are so comfortable and the new style canopy is so easy to use. Everytime we are out and meet other parents they comment on how nice these chairs are and ask where we got them. You can buy cheaper but you cannot buy better chairs than Convaid. They have wonderful customer service and are a great company to work with. They are a five star company with 5 star products. They help make the lives of children with special needs and their parents lives better .. Thank You Convaid

By Amanda Hollifield

My daughter Kasey is 23 years old. She got her Convaid Cruiser at age 10.. We used it everyday, and never had the first problem with it..So when we decided she needed a new chair, there was know hesitation in getting a new Convaid! Her new Rodeo Tilt arrived last month and so far it is AWESOME!!

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