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CuddleBug Wheelchair

CuddleBug Wheelchair for toddlers
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Early Intervention Wheelchair for Infants & Toddlers

The Convaid CuddleBug Wheelchair offers the latest advancements in Early Intervention Seating, with a stylish look you and your child will love. A multitude of positioning options are available, and for the first time, the Tilt, Recline and High / Low Features are available on the same chair - you no longer need 2 pieces of equipment to achieve these functions!

  • Tilt-in-space mobility base with 5º – 30º of Adjustable Tilt
  • 90º -170º of Adjustable Recline
  • High / Low settings - 7" of seat to floor adjustment with the child in the seat and without the use of tools

Customize Your Convaid Today

The Cuddlebug Transit Option – For children who must remain in their wheelchair during travel, a Convaid, compact-folding, transit wheelchair that meets WC19 standards is the safest choice.  The Transit Option can be ordered on almost any Convaid wheelchair.  The Convaid Transit Chair is a convenient, compact-folding wheelchair that is RESNA-WC19 compliant and has been “crash-tested” to proper industry standards.  The Transit Option is ideal for transport on the bus to school, day programs, or field trips. The Transit Option requires the chair come equipped with 4 bright red anchors, headrest extension, positioning belt and foot positioners. All Convaid Cuddlebug Tilt wheelchairs with a "T" in the model name, are WC19 Transit Ready and can be used as seating in a bus or van.

Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair – Set Your Wheels In Motion! 

The proper Seat Width measurement is decided by taking the widest point across between the hips and the knees when sitting comfortably and adding about 1 to 2 inches for your child's comfort and growth. 

All Convaid Cuddlebug Wheelchairs have earned a HCPCS code of E1232 because they have been classified as Tilt-in-Space, pediatric, compact-folding wheelchairs.

With a color palette inspired by the latest styles, and options available for all of your child's positioning needs, you're sure to find that the CuddleBug Wheelchair is right for you.

Contact Us for more information regarding the pediatric Convaid Cuddlebug Wheelchair.


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Convaid Lightweight, Compact-Folding Wheelchairs for Pediatrics & Adults
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