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Frequently Asked Questions: Wheelchair

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Where can I see your pediatric wheelchairs and pediatric strollers to try them out?
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Many of our authorized dealers have one or more sample wheelchairs at their locations or they can help you find one. Please Click Here if you want us to mail you a color brochure on the wheelchairs you are interested in. Or click on View/Print a Brochure to download a PDF version of the brochure needed.

You are always welcome to come visit us for a guided tour of our manufacturing facility at our headquarters in Torrance, CA.

Where can I purchase your lightweight wheelchair?
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You can purchase one of our wheelchairs from any one of our authorized dealers in the United States and Canada. The dealers have technicians to assist you in selecting and ordering the proper size and model of chair to meet your specific needs. They may also be able to advise you on funding sources in your area. Outside the US, Convaid uses authorized distributors in several foreign countries. You can always call your Customer Service Representative at 1-888-CONVAID for assistance. They will recommend the best way for you to begin your purchase.
How long will it take for my new Convaid lightweight wheelchair to arrive?
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Every Convaid product is custom-built to order for each specific individual. Due to the fact that we offer such a wide variety of colors, options and accessories to customize your chair, it normally takes 3-7 business days to outfit the chair with the selected accessories and package it for shipment via UPS Ground. Any custom modification or requested change from our Order Form will usually require extra time of up to six weeks. You will be given an estimated delivery time upon ordering.
Can I rent a folding portable wheelchair?
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Convaid dealers may have demo chairs or sample chairs for rent to customers. Contact your local dealer to find out if there is a rental program in your area.
Where can I purchase or rent a used or discounted lightweight wheelchair?
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Please contact us direct to see if we have any in stock. Convaid dealers also have demo wheelchairs or sample chairs that they rent or sell at a discount. Contact your local dealer to find out if there are any rentals or discounts available on the chair you want.
Can you send me a catalog of Convaid’s variety of mobility aids?
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Please call 1-888-CONVAID or click here. Each brochure contains the complete specifications, including weight and dimensions, for each size chair of that model. To view a brochure immediately, click on View/Print a Brochure to download a PDF version of the required brochure.
Which manual wheelchair should I obtain? Should I purchase an adult or pediatric wheelchair?
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Please contact us and our Customer Service Representatives, who are familiar with all the Convaid products, might be able to help you. Our customer Service Representatives are not therapists or physicians and can only recommend our products based on their basic knowledge and the information you provide.
Describe the type of person who is most likely to order a particular chair, including age, height, weight and limitations.
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Please look at our Help Me Choose page for more information.

What is the warranty on Convaid wheelchairs?
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The warranty in the U.S. and Canada covers any part of a Convaid product that is found to be defective within the warranty period. Convaid will repair or replace these parts free of charge. Warranty service may be performed by an authorized service center or at the Convaid factory at Convaid's option. The warranty goes to the original retail purchaser of the Convaid product.

Warranty Period in the U.S. and Canada:
Frame and Cross-Braces: Lifetime of original retail buyer (except CruisAire, Lite Rider and Vivo)
Frame and Cross-Braces for CruisAire, Lite Rider and Vivo: 5 years
Other Components: One year
Fabric and webbing: One year
Sensiform Cushions: 2 years
Planar Seat and Back: 5 years hardware, 18 months for other components
Occ-Flex Cushioned Headrest: 5 years hardware, 1 year for other components

The warranty on Convaid products may vary in other countries.

Do you have a basket that fits on the wheelchair?
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Yes, most models offer a mesh mesh under seat storage basket or utility bag . Call Customer Service to Order Now.
When should I choose solid tires and when would pneumatic tires be better?
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Solid tires come standard on all Convaid wheelchairs. They are low maintenance and durable which makes them great for regular use. Pneumatic tires offer a smoother ride and are preferable for traveling over rough roads or uneven pavement. To keep pneumatic tires properly inflated, it may be necessary to pump them up with a tire pump or bicycle pump approximately once a week.
Does Convaid offer adult wheelchairs?
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Yes, many of Convaid's products come in sizes that go up to 16 or 18 inches wide. Learn More
Our family travels extensively, are your mobility aids easy to travel with?
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Yes, absolutely! Our wheelchairs are designed with the family convenience in mind. Our folding portable wheelchairs are easy to stow aboard airplanes, trains and busses; and maneuver easily aboard cruise ships. They are lightweight, convenient and compact-folding.

For additional travel tips, check out Travel Tips Section on our Resource Page .

How do I become a dealer of Convaid mobility aids?
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Please contact out Customer Service Department at 888-CONVAID for more information about the requirements.
Is it safe to use my Convaid folding portable wheelchair on a school bus or van?
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Yes, as long as it is a WC19 compliant transit wheelchair. Convaid Transit wheelchairs come equipped with 4 bright red anchors on the wheelchair legs to use with tie downs on a van or bus. Most Transit wheelchairs also have a headrest extension and padded shoulder harness as standard equipment.
What is a “WC19 Compliant” transit wheelchair?
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WC19 is a standard developed by the wheelchair industry and transportation safety experts, which sets out certain minimum performance criteria for wheelchairs used as seating aboard a motor vehicle. This criteria includes design and performance guidelines to protect the safety of wheelchair occupants in the event of a crash.
My current Convaid wheelchair is not a transit wheelchair; can I convert it to a transit wheelchair?
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Yes, Convaid will retrofit any Convaid standard model wheelchair (except models which the transit option is not available), with the necessary transit equipment for up to one year after purchase at the current retrofit price. The wheelchair and original purchase documentation must be sent to Convaid for an authorized retrofit.

Please call Customer Service at 888-CONVAID to learn more.

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