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Fund-A-Chair Program


Families are finding it more difficult than ever to obtain a wheelchair. Public programs are reducing funding for necessary adaptive equipment and private insurances are following in their footsteps. Convaid is continuing their mission of enriching the lives of special needs families by helping families with alternative funding options to help raise money. Through Convaid’s Community Outreach program, we have created the Fund-A-Chair Program. This program is specifically designed for families to raise funds for the purchase of a lightweight Convaid Wheelchair. Through the Fund-A-Chair Program, families can raise money with the help of the free fundraising site Youcaring.com. This allows families to easily accept donations from friends and family across the globe through an online trusted source.

How to Create a Fundraiser Page

  1.   Set your Goal & Tell your Story
Tell us about the child who needs the Convaid wheelchair. Whatever your story is, tell it! Be sure to add photos and videos to help enhance your story. Tell how much money you need to raise and what kind of chair and accessories you will be able to buy.
It is very helpful for your audience if you are able to answer the following questions throughout your story:
  • How much money do you hope to raise?
  • Why do you need a Convaid custom, lightweight wheelchair? 
  • What kind of Convaid do you want; exactly what options and accessories you would like to purchase?
  • Why are you creating a fundraiser page?
  • Is your insurance not covering the cost?
  • Having trouble getting it approved?
Once you finish telling your story, make sure to include this small paragraph at the bottom of your description to let people know that this fundraiser was created as part of Convaid’s Fund-A-Chair Program:
This fundraiser is part of Convaid’s Fund-A-Chair program. This program is specifically designed for my family to raise money so that we can purchase a lightweight Convaid Wheelchair custom built just for me. Convaid will pay for 10% of the chair if I reach my fundraising goal and will give me a free canopy or basket. Through Convaid’s  Fund-A-Chair Program, families just like mine can raise money with the help of the free fundraising site Youcaring.com. 
  1.       Create a Payment Portal
Youcaring.com lets people donate using Paypal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can set up a WePay account through the Youcaring site. Youcaring.com does not charge fees for any fundraiser, the site is 100% funded by donors.
  1.      Share your Fundraiser
Share the link of your fundraiser with all of your family & friends through social media and email. Also, make sure to send your link to Convaid so we can help spread the word! By sending the link to megan@convaid.com, it could be featured on Convaid’s website and shared on our social media profiles!



  1.      Thank your Donors
YouCaring.com will automatically send a thank you notice for you for their contribution.  However, keep your donors up to date on the progress of the fundraiser, how much their support means to you and your family.  When you reach your goal and make your Convaid purchase, update your fundraiser page with a picture of you and your family with your brand new Convaid wheelchair.  This helps your donors see that their donations went to an amazing cause.  




Here are some additional tips on how to make your fundraiser a successful one:
*How to use Social Media to Fundraise
Examples: Twitter- #Convaid,  #FundAChair , #helpmefundraise, #wheelchairfundraiser, #HelpMeGetAConvaid #supportmycause
*Fundraising Tips


*Convaid's Fund-A-Chair is open to US and International Users.  Each purchase is subject to local taxes, shipping, export/import, and/or custom fees if applicable.  

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