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Convaid’s lightweight wheelchairs make a big impact in people’s lives, but don’t take our word for it, read what real people have to say about our wheelchairs. Click on the links below to see customer testimonials for each of our wheelchairs or submit your own testimonial.


By The Williams Family

A popular television show once proclaimed "To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before".

We are anxiously awaiting our son's new Scout, and we love them so much, because they have allowed us to take him "Where Everybody Else Has Been Before".

The Scout has truly opened many doors and expanded horizons for our family!

By Keri Kennedy

I love the Cruiser for my daughter, Rebecca. I've been able to easily push and maneuver it over quite a variety of surfaces. But more importantly I recently discovered a small part (a little plastic sleeve type piece) that went over the part where the foot rest connects. I had originally posted on Facebook with my question about the part and was quickly directed to an email of someone who would help me. The part was quickly put out in the mail to me after an email explaining the problem. Convaid gets two thumbs up for not only a great product, but great customer service!

By Deborah Willis

Our grandson, Mason (age 11), received his Cruiser 16 just over a year ago and we couldn't be happier! We use it on a daily basis! The previous wheel chair was so heavy and bulky! Parts kept breaking and coming off, and when I tried to re-order them, I was informed that the company had gone out of business and I could no longer get parts. Let me say that we are so blessed to have our Cruiser!

We met the nice folks at Convaid personally last year during the Mobility Expo, just after receiving the Cruiser. They were so helpful and wonderful to talk with. We discussed additional items that we might need. True to their word, when they arrived back at their office, the following week the package was delivered to our home!

You can depend on this company and its great service to assist you with any of your mobility needs! They go the extra mile!

By Kate Morse

Feeling trapped in our house because of our son's wandering, aversion to holding hands and him becoming overly anxious and tired, we were introduced to Convaid through an adaptive seating clinic at our children's hospital. We waited months for our insurance to approve this stroller and finally brought it home a little over a month ago.
One word - AMAZING! If you are struggling with your insurance to approve this, know that it is worth it. We waited over six months and this stroller has become invaluable to us. My son loves his new chair and we love being more social and mobile. I appreciate that it looks like a "normal" stroller and doesn't look out of place, very stylish and durable. This stroller is nothing short of awesome!
Thank you Convaid for giving us the ability to get out and go!!

By Janet Rhudy

We have been using Convaid chairs for 23 years.David our oldest son got his first Cruiser Classic at 5 years old and used for 10 years then it was passed down to his yourger brother Joshua. David got a new bigger Cruiser. These chairs are so good and they hold up so well. Last year we got the boys both the new Cruiser's and I don't know who loves them more the boys or me. The boys are so comfortable and the new style canopy is so easy to use. Everytime we are out and meet other parents they comment on how nice these chairs are and ask where we got them. You can buy cheaper but you cannot buy better chairs than Convaid. They have wonderful customer service and are a great company to work with. They are a five star company with 5 star products. They help make the lives of children with special needs and their parents lives better .. Thank You Convaid

By Amanda Hollifield

My daughter Kasey is 23 years old. She got her Convaid Cruiser at age 10.. We used it everyday, and never had the first problem with it..So when we decided she needed a new chair, there was know hesitation in getting a new Convaid! Her new Rodeo Tilt arrived last month and so far it is AWESOME!!

By Evelyn Olive

We don't have our own Convaid yet! But, we have borrowed from friends. Dakota has Autism, One leg longer then the other, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and much more. Still insurance has denied her. However we have been able to go places and see things because of the borrowed Convaid Classic Cruiser. Thank you for being there, thank you for making this product. We are hoping to become a fellow Convaid Family soon.

By Molly

With Andrew's Cruiser, I feel "free"…I can finally go places without needing help lifting Andrew's old chair - it was so big and heavy!

By Stacy B

Jenny's Cruiser has made such a difference for our little family….it is so easy to go places now, we even went to Disney World last month!

By Jason and Cathy Nakagami

Hi Mark, Thanks for all the help! Much appreciated! Attached is a picture of my niece Julia. In this picture she is sitting on the Cruiser 12. The family is so happy and excited for the new Ferrari…I mean Safari! : )

EZ Rider

By Jenny Nelson

The Convaid EZ Rider (16") has made my nine year old daughter's life so much better. When her juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in her feet hurts too much to walk, she gets in her EZ Rider and we keep going! It rides so smoothly. Also, the EZ Riser doesn't look too 'babyish," yet...it doesn't look too "elderly" either. I am a small statured mom, and I can even take it in and out of the car. The customer service was wonderful, too! I highly recommend this product.

By Joleen Williams

I have to say I love the EZ Rider I bought it used off

E-bay and it has been a blessing for my son for the past 4 years he has outgrown it and we need a new one! I'm dealing with the Insurance co. right now (FUN) not. I have to tell you that when my son and I were at a Dr. appt. the other day a women come over to me and ask me if that was my son and said can I ask you where you got that stroller, we want one so bad! I know just how she feels.. So I told her when I get a new one that I would give this one to her daughter it still in great condition. With tears in her eyes she said your kidding I said I would be honored to give this stroller to your daughter. So already this one stroller has been a life Saver for three children!! Way to go Convaid.

By Celeste Benn

I have Multiple Sclerosis and as a result my walking and balance are “challenged”. My husband and I love to travel so using my Convaid EZ Rider Convertible Transport Wheelchair, which I’ve had since July 2008, has made a world of difference! I have been able to free myself to discover and experience things with the use of this chair. We have been able to negotiate the subway systems of London and Madrid, explore the cobblestone streets of Heidelberg and Budapest, and enjoy long outings at museums and parks. The design is sturdy enough to tackle the harshest roadways, and yet light enough for my husband to fold up and carry up/down stairs as needed. Additionally, I want to commend Convaid’s outstanding Customer Service, and Megan Delperdang in particular. Megan was both pleasant and professional in answering all my questions…Thanks!

Celeste Benn 

By Carla Delangre

….Jayden's EZ Rider has brought great relief in our daily lives. We thank you with all our hearts. With great appreciation, Carla


By Nessa

My family was so blessed to receive a Convaid Safari Stroller for my daughter Natasyha who is 28. This chair has not only changed my families life but actually saved my daughter’s life. Before the great people at Convaid blessed us with our chair we had no way to position Nataysha. With the Convaid Safari we can tilt her back and to any position she needs. Nataysha was on a ventilator prior to receiving the stroller and thankfully is now off the ventilator ONLY due to the gift we received. This is only one of the many ways this stroller has improved not only my daughters life, but my whole family. Before we had the stroller I had to literally carry Nataysha everywhere and it would kill my back (but it was the only option). I could never thank Convaid enough for there great company and for the wonderful stroller.


By Amanda Hollifield

My daughter Kasey is 23 years old. She got her Convaid Cruiser at age 10.. We used it everyday, and never had the first problem with it..So when we decided she needed a new chair, there was know hesitation in getting a new Convaid! Her new Rodeo Tilt arrived last month and so far it is AWESOME!!

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