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Travel Wheelchairs

travel wheelchairs on vacation

Every vacation is an opportunity to experience the adventure of a lifetime. And with the right wheelchair, nothing will stand in your way. A portable wheelchair gives you the freedom to travel anywhere and everywhere with ease. Whether you’re on a family road trip, a dream vacation to Disneyland, or a Caribbean cruise, a travel wheelchair can make all the difference.

No matter where you are going, you’ll want to make sure your travel wheelchair is:

  • Lightweight: A lightweight wheelchair lets you keep up with the group and lifts into cars, buses or other transportation easily.
  • Compact: To avoid hassles, your compact wheelchair should easily fold up at the door of an airplane, easy lift into the overhead compartment, or to fit into the trunk of an automobile. 
  • Durable: When traveling, you don’t want to get stuck because your wheelchair broke down or you have a flat tire.
  • Adaptable: You won’t want to miss out on eating at a special restaurant or seeing that great view because your wheelchair can’t easily maneuver in tight spaces or on rough terrain.
  • Comfortable: You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the right support when traveling.

Convaid Travel Wheelchairs

Although all Convaid lightweight wheelchairs are excellent for travel, you might want to take a closer look at the following:

Convaid EZ Rider Travel Wheelchair

Convaid Cruiser Travel Wheelchair

Convaid Rodeo Travel Wheelchair  Convaid Metro Transport Chair

EZ Rider




Unlike bulkier traditional wheelchairs, Convaid portable travel wheelchairs are designed for trouble-free transport and storage, while maintaining the highest levels of safety. Convaid travel wheelchairs fold up quickly and easily, to roughly the size of a small golf bag. They fit into the trunk of an average size car.  Convaid even sells specially-designed travel bags to make storage and transport even easier! Convaid compact-folding wheelchairs are light enough to be lifted in and out of the trunk of your car or other storage area with just one hand.  They also fit into overhead storage on planes, trains, or buses, making them incredibly versatile for all types of transportation; and more importantly, making your traveling experience even easier!

Convaid travel wheelchairs offer not only outstanding portability and ease of storage, they are also incredibly maneuverable in tighter spaces like restaurants, busy museums, crowded airports, and shops. Their swiveling front wheels allow for superb handling and tight turn radiuses.

Convaid Portable Wheelchairs: Durable & Built to Lasttravel-wheelchair-in-africa

Convaid travel wheelchairs offer durability and superior construction to less expensive, lower quality wheelchairs. Our lightweight wheelchairs are built to withstand the rigors of travel, frequent packing and unpacking, and less than ideal storage conditions—even on airplanes, where baggage and cargo handlers can be a bit rough, to say the least. They won’t leave you with a broken chair when you are far from home. And, if they do happen to break, Convaid has a number of dealers throughout the United States to perform repairs quickly and easily.

No matter where your journey takes you, a wheelchair from Convaid will be up to the task. Whether you’re traveling on gravel, dirt, turf, even cobblestones, our travel chairs offer a comfortable ride and easy handling to get over any terrain.

Should your outdoor adventures leave your wheelchair with a bit of “road dust,” your Convaid is also easy to clean.  The upholstery is easy to remove and machine washable.  Any slight adjustments that may be necessary can be achieved with a few simple twists of a wrench and the instructions from your wheelchair User’s Guide .

Today's Wheelchair Travel

Most places and almost all forms of transportation are now wheelchair accessible. In many locales, guided wheelchair tours are available, often with both private and group tour options. Additionally, there are many wheelchair travel resources, clubs and even travel agents available online that specialize in wheelchair travel.  Keep up to date with travel tips and ideas by signing up for our monthly newsletter or following us on Facebook or Pinterest.

Wheelchair Travel Tips, Resources & Advice:

Please see the attached helpful letter which further describes your Convaid travel wheelchair as a medical wheelchair and not a commercial stroller and can be used at amusement parks, schools, public and recreational locations.

travel wheelchair in snow

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Convaid Travel Wheelchair Testimonials

"With our new scout, I am better able to get Christopher on and off the school bus! I am able to take him to the grocery store! I am able to push him in events like half marathons! We owned a Convaid scout for 10 years, tried to replace it with a stroller from a different company and it was not a good idea! We came back to Convaid!!! AND got another scout!!! Christopher's Crew LOVES Convaid!!! CONVAID- It's THE ONLY way to roll! Convaid- it's how WE roll!" - Sherri B.

"A popular television show once proclaimed "To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before". We are anxiously awaiting our son's new Scout, and we love them so much, because they have allowed us to take him "Where Everybody Else Has Been Before". The Scout has truly opened many doors and expanded horizons for our family!" -  The Williams Family

At Convaid, we have many portable wheelchairs to choose from. All are made in the USA, and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Request a quote today for your own Convaid travel wheelchair. With high quality construction and remarkable durability, Convaid travel pediatric wheelchairs can take you all around the world.

Convaid Lightweight, Compact-Folding Wheelchairs for Pediatrics & Adults
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