Immedia LeanOnMe - Launch

Immedia LeanOnMe - positioning cushions

Soft, stable and easy-to-use

Immedia LeanOnMe is a wide range of multipurpose unique positioning cushions produced considering our footprint and ability to reduce waste.

17 November 2021

The best position is always the next. This makes positioning of a bedridden person a vital intervention, especially if they are not able to do micro and macro movements on their own. With the proper posture, the person can relax and experience fewer problems, e.g., pressure injuries, pain and discomfort, stress, anxiety, and depression.

The LeanOnMe product range consists of a number of positioning cushions in different shapes and sizes. The cushions are made of durable and natural organic materials, which makes them very comfortable to lean on even for people with sensitive skin. They are also very quiet and can be used by people with sensitive hearing.

All cushions have an inner cushion with a waterproof soft-touch textile cover or a hygienic cover, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.

Read more about how Immedia LeanOnMe positioning cushions can support the user in achieving rest and maintaining body functions.