Accessories & Wheelchair Parts

Optimal positioning in a lightweight wheelchair is vital for improved health and facilitated mobility. By utilizing Convaid positioning accessories, you will promote good posture, enhance respiration, improve digestion and maximize comfort and capabilities and options such as tilt and recline provide pressure relief to minimize skin irritation.

The great news is that Convaid accessories can also be purchased directly online or through our mobile app. To access our online accessory store, please click here.

Convaid manufactures pediatric wheelchair accessories that include:

  • Headwings to provide head support
  • Torso Vest to help improve sitting balance
  • Lateral Thigh Supports – separate the knees when scissoring occurs
  • Foot Positioners – hold feet in position when there is a lack of leg control

Convaid wheelchair options, parts, and accessories will improve the functionality of your folding wheelchair. Additional accessory options include:

  • Wheelchair trays
  • Canopies
  • Oxygen tank holders
  • Storage trays
  • Utility bags
  • Travel bags
  • More accessories

Convaid’s folding portable wheelchairs come with a reputable warranty on all of the mobility aid wheelchair parts including wheelchair trays and oxygen tank holders.

Convaid understands that each of our special needs clients has unique positioning needs. We are committed to provide a wide range of wheelchair parts to create optimized custom positioning, geared to meet individual requirements for their folding portable wheelchair.

Please call 844 US MOBILITY  (844-876-6245) for parts only pricing or order by mobile ap