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By Alexis Synder, Guest Blogger & Convaid Ambassador |  I’m sure at some point or another we have all said or heard…
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Our community is getting familiar with a voice on the telephone who methodically checks in with our Ambassador families …
Convaid Ambassador Sara at
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By Alexis Snyder | What is a teacher? Miriam-Webster’s dictionary simply states, “A person or thing that teaches something;…
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By Dawn Moreno | With advances in prenatal care I believe there comes a sense of security that a typical healthy newborn…
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By Alexis Snyder | In a recent blog I wrote about Invisible Disabilities and how millions of Americans live with invisible…
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By Alexis Snyder | Sara, age 12, is a long time Convaid user. She has a metabolic disorder that causes low muscle tone and…
By Alexis Snyder, Convaid Guest Blogger Sara has been a Convaid user for many years. Many times over the years people…
By Alexis Snyder | We have all heard the expression, “Never judge a book by its cover.” In other words, don’t form…