Torrance, CA (October 19, 2016) –   For the past seven years, Dr. Donald Diebel and his wife Cindy have hosted The Faces Behind the Miracles fundraising breakfast to benefit United Cerebral Palsy of Central Florida in support of seven campuses across three Florida counties.  This year, Convaid and R82 have also come on board with the donation of a Nandu activity seat by R82 to be presented at the annual breakfast, to be attended by upwards of 500 UCP supporters.

Global prevalence of Cerebral Palsy ranges from 1.5 to more than 4 per 1,000 live births and is the most common motor disability in childhood. Convaid and R82 products are often prescribed for children living with Cerebral Palsy to facilitate mobility and daily living in the following categories:

Convaid and R82 Business Development Representative Matt Abrahams will attend the breakfast benefit to be held this Friday, October 21, 2016 at the First Baptist Church of Orlando at Faith Hall, 3000 S. John Yong Parkway in Orlando, FL.

The Nandu is an activity chair for children who need a little help to join in the fun.

Another important Cerebral Palsy event this week is the Convaid & R82 webinar, Standing and Walking, to be held on Thursday, October 20, 2016 followed by Use of Home Equipment, to be held on Thursday, November 17, 2016. Both webinars will start at 9:30AM PST, presented by Convaid and R82 seating and mobility expert K. Missy Ball, who is a MT, PT, ATP, and certified pediatric NDT. She is the former Acting Director of the Physical Therapy Department of Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, where she co-directed the hospital’s seating program for 10-years while also working with UCP’s Seating Clinic. For more information or to sign-up for upcoming webinars, prospective attendees may contact:

Click here to view last month’s Cerebral Palsy webinar, Seating & Mobility.

“This is an exciting week for Convaid, R82 and United Cerebral Palsy.  In addition to this week’s webinar entitled Standing and Walking, the Faces Behind Miracles fundraiser in central Florida, we are also supporting United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon and Southwestern Washington’s 17th Semi-Annual Family Support Conference on Cerebral Palsy & Developmental Disabilities to be held on October 21-22, 2016 in Portland, Oregon. Community engagement is important to us to give back and to learn directly from the people who are affected,” said Director, Marketing, Nanneke Dinklo.

The Convaid and R82 brands offer pediatric products typically prescribed to individuals with mild to moderate involvement of the following conditions:  Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Spina Bifida, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Cystic Fibrosis, Mitochondrial Disease, Metabolic Diseases, and Sensory Processing Disorders, among others.

About Etac | The Etac Group offers a wide range of solutions for children and adults ranging from manual wheelchairs, advanced seating, patient transfer, bathing and toilet products. Sweden-based Etac markets their products under the Etac, Molift, Immedia, Star, R82 and Convaid brands. Etac operates sales companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States with an extensive network of distributors in 40 other markets around the world.

About R82 | Based in Denmark, R82 develops and produces innovative aids and appliances for special need children and young adults. These are tailored to individual needs based on comprehensive product development and clinical input. R82 prides itself on a high caliber of quality of service and customer engagement.

About Convaid | Convaid, the company that invented the adaptive assisted wheelchair, has helped special needs children and their families live fuller, more productive lives since 1976. Convaid produces high-performance, easy-to-use and attractive mobility products for all stages of a young person’s life, from infancy to young adulthood. Each product is custom-built to individual specifications to provide optimum comfort, safety and convenience.

Together R82 and Convaid form the Etac Pediatric Group.


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