Convaid launched its Ambassador Program in 2015 with great success with four ambassadors spread throughout the United States.  This year, Convaid has embarked on a more ambitious Ambassador Program, with the full roster of North American ambassadors to be announced later this week.  Today, we present our first ever Canadian Ambassador, Teagan, a Convaid Rodeo user.

Mom, Ashley, writes:

“We are a family of three, my husband Mike & our daughter Teagan and me. We live in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario, Canada!

Teagan has been a fighter since before birth, she lost 02/blood flow in utero leading to strokes and brain injury (HIE II). After coming through seizures, multi-organ failure, meconium aspiration & six weeks in NICU we got to bring her home with the warning not to expect much and to “wait & see”…

Today Teagan is a happy, energetic and unique 4.5 yr old who is living and thriving with mild mixed Dyskinetic Cerebral palsy, regressive autism, bilateral severe hearing impairment, seizures, global delays and more but always has a smile on her face! Those that know her at school & in the community refer to her as “Little Miss Sunshine” ?

When we are not doing OT/PT/Speech or specialist appointments our family enjoys trips to the park, zoo, walks in the community (especially the Autism speaks walk) & are starting to venture out more in the community as Teagan’s ability to cope out and about improves and we look forward to a ton of new adventures in a large part due to Teagan’s Convaid Rodeo!

Teagan’s favorite things include her Ipad & movies, dinosaurs, music (especially Miranda Lambert) dance parties with Mommy & anything Soft!! ?

Thank you for the honor of serving as the Canadian Ambassadors this 2016 year!”

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