Convaid recently aligned with seating and mobility expert, Karen “Missy” Ball, MT, PT, ATP to advance Convaid’s Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit webinar program. Scheduled for July 31st at 8AM PDT is Clinical and Technical Uses of Tilt & Recline, followed by other CEU-accredited courses throughout the year.

Missy’s first Convaid webinar held back in April, The Uses of Equipment to Improve Future Outcomes for Clients, that covered how to best manage and facilitate best outcomes of musculoskeletal system for end users in wheelchairs is archived.  The associated clinical blog, Posture and Position is available online.

Upcoming for-CEU credit webinars:

July 31: Clinical and Technical Use of Tilt and Recline

Fall 2015:

The Place for Pediatric Push Wheelchairs in Early Intervention

Appropriate Seating and Mobility Needs for Specific Diagnoses and Clinical Presentation

All classes will be held at 8AM PDT

To register for the upcoming webinar please click here.

Convaid webinars are typically approved by the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA). Although there is no charge to participate in Convaid’s webinars, there is a $20 processing fee for handling paperwork related to issuance of the 0.1 CEUs. If you wish to earn CEU credit for participating in Convaid’s July 31st webinar.

At the end of the webinar, an Evaluation Questionnaire form will need to be completely filled out and mailed with your fee. Envelope must be postmarked by August 12 for CEU consideration.

Please mail to: 2830 California Street, Torrance, CA 90503

Convaid President Chris Braun said,”Convaid is dedicated to providing up-to-date best practices on pediatric mobility topics to the wider community of health service providers throughout our industry whether or not they are prescribers of Convaid’s products. We believe that by sharing information on an ongoing basis that Convaid contributes to the betterment of the pediatric mobility and seating industry as a whole and we are particularly proud to have Missy on board to expand our CEU program with her vast experience, education and targeted knowledge in our highly specialized medical equipment sector.”

A 34-year health care veteran, Missy is the former Acting Director of the Physical Therapy Department of Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, where she co-directed the hospital’s seating program for 10 years. She concurrently served as consultant to the United Cerebral Palsy Center’s Seating Clinic. She continues to tour and lecture globally on the topic of seating an mobility and runs a private practice specializing in pediatric neurology, specializing in treatment and equipment medical needs. She is an ATP, certified pediatric NDT with a solid focus on improving functions through treatment and equipment. She attended Louisiana State University Medical Center for both Medical Technology (1977) and Physical Therapy (1984).

To learn more about Convaid and its products please visit our website or call 1-888-CONVAID.


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