By Sarah Best | This weekend, Convaid and R82 Ambassador Kyla make a special appearance at Abilities Expo Chicago in her bright pink Convaid Cruiser, to the delight of other kids attending the event with their parents and caregivers.

To share a some background on this special ambassador, Kyla is a sweet 2-year old girl who lives with Cerebral palsy that was the result of loss of oxygen to her brain when she was born. When she was born, her parents didn’t have the slightest notion that she had been oxygen deprived at birth. They said that the doctors didn’t say much about the brain damage that occurred.

The unsuspecting couple resorted to Google, searching site upon site searching for a possible explanation to what was going on with their daughter.  What they ultimately stumbled upon through their tireless searching that matched their daughters symptoms was a compound diagnosis in addition to CP that included Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) that resonated with them.

They kept searching. Finally, they found an organization called Hope for HIE, a non-profit that aims to support, educate and advocate for families like Kyla’s.  Now, Kyla’s family has built strong ties through active involvement with Hope for HIE. They look to – and encourage others – to go to this organization for guidance and support.

Through the guidance of Hope for HIE, Kyla’s family made inroads to different therapies.  She presently receives eight different therapies between her Early Intervention outpatient services and other therapies at home.

All this commotion around therapies is taxing for a little girl Kyla’s age. It is understandable that this toddler needs to have fun like all of her peers enjoy whether they are living with a special need or not.  To help make this happen, Kyla’s parents have set-up  Kyla’s Korner FUN-raiser with the aim of raising funds to be able get her some of the equipment to include her in some summer fun!

Kyla’s parents have their eyes set on a few pieces of equipment that other HIE families have and love.  With the funds they raise, they hope to purchase specially adapted bike that Kyla can sit on with an adapted supportive seat so they can get out for bike rides, an activity that Kyla would love to be included in!

Another one of Kyla’s absolute favorite activities is swinging, so they look forward to purchasing a swing that adequately supports her so she can enjoy that activity whenever she wants, right in her own back yard.  They plan to build a frame so the swing can be brought inside so she when summer is over, they can bring it inside and enjoy it all year.

Their last but not least fun wish is to build a ramp in the garage of the new house so that they can get Kyla out in her Convaid wheelchair. The ramp would be her pathway to enabling her to do various activities right out of her house with no lifting involved.

Kyla loves her Convaid wheelchair and her parents say it has been a huge help to them.  Before her Convaid Cruiser, she was not comfortable in other pediatric wheelchairs. During the first trip they took, she was able to comfortably sit in her Convaid for 45 minutes! That was a huge change for the better. Kyla’s parents claim that the previous strollers did not provide her postural support she needed.  The family is thankful that the Convaid folding wheelchair has transit hooks, which will be so useful when she starts school in the September.

We invite the Convaid and R82 community to help Kyla out in her fundraising efforts.

Here are the links:

Shirt Page

FundRazr Page and video

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