Every year Convaid | R82 appoint an annual cohort of Ambassadors. This week, we are delighted to inform you that we have added two new R82 Ambassadors to represent our growing population of R82 product enthusiasts. Joining R82 Ambassadors Cesar, Emerson and Andrew appointed earlier this year are incoming R82 Ambassadors Jax and Z’Mya. Welcome!

Convaid | R82 Ambassadors are community volunteers who will serve a one-year term representing Convaid at community events, engage on line and participate in other activities.

The inaugural Ambassador program was established by Convaid in 2015 to promote information and resource exchange among the Convaid online and special needs communities. The program was expanded to include the R82 community this year.

Meet the R82 Ambassadors:

Cesar is a 5-year old from Surrey, British Columbia who lives with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. He uses a R82 Mustang walker and a R82 Manatee for bathing. Emerson is an outgoing 5-year old who uses the R82 Flamingo High-Low and a Convaid Cruiser. Newcomer Jax is a 4-year old from New Jersey who loves helping his dad while seated in his R82 Scallop. Convaid Ambassador Emeritus Andrew is a long-time Convaid Cruiser user and has recently fallen in love with his R82 Mustang. He also just had welcome the arrival of a baby sister this month. R82 Ambassador Z’Mya is a spunky 4-year old who lives with Cerebral Palsy and Emanuel Syndrome who enjoys her R82 Mustang and R82 Caribou stander.

Effective immediately, Jax and Z’Mya will join Cesar, Emerson and Andrew in attending regional events in their R82 products. They will also make special appearances at Abilities Expo in their respective regions if they are able to attend; will write blog posts, share videos and contribute to product case studies and engage on an on-going basis with the Convaid | R82 on-line community.

“The Ambassador Program is an important part of our community outreach. Not only are our ambassadors faithful brand fans, they are the Convaid | R82 eyes and ears on the ground. They contribute valuable product and community insights which we use for research and development to deliver improvements and new products,” said Nanneke Dinklo, Director, Marketing.


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