Summer is often a time of growth, relaxation and discovery. Kids meet new friends at camp, learn about new places during road trips with their families, spend time exploring their communities and can even have the best of times in their own back yards.

This Summer our Convaid | R82 kids have shown us some great new uses for our products. We’ve learned that a common alternative use for our Convaid | R82 pediatric wheelchairs is to use them as the bases for constructing forts. Little did Convaid | R82 know when they created best-in-class compact folding pediatric wheelchairs that these products would also serve as the perfect base for draping sheets and blankets to create a fun environment for the kids who typically use them for therapeutic mobility.

Ambassadors Teagan, Liam and Mary Katherine all use their chairs as camping cot that alternates as a chaise lounge. Ambassador Cesar has put his R82 Manatee bathing chair to use this summer.  When not in use for bathing at home, his R82 Manatee is making his summer more fun as a waterproof lakeside chair allowing him to participate in water activities with his family.

Ambassador Sammy has been keeping up with her brother’s sports in her Convaid Trekker while Canadian Ambassador Teagan who uses her R82 Scallop for baking with her mom and Convaid Cruiser for rest and rolling.

Not only are Convaid | R82 families finding all kinds of alternative uses for our mobility equipment, so did Morgan’s Wonderland – the first special needs water park of its kind. Morgan’s Wonderland adapted dozens of Convaid Rodeos with waterproof seating, making it the ride of choice for the thousands of special needs kids and their families who travel to the Texas park to enjoy some fun under the sun and cool off at the many water-based attractions that the park offers.

The multi-purposing doesn’t stop there!

This summer, young Keelan was out and about in his R82 Wombat chair while his dog Reeci, found that the R82 Stingray is the perfect place to take a break.  Ambassador Cesar loves the mobility of his R82 Mustang.  All summer long he has used it for walks in his neighborhood, at parks and on vacation with his family where it allows him a wide range of sensory experiences.

Watch video:

While Convaid | R82 Ambassador Emerson was enjoying her 5th birthday, Ambassador Parker in the Rocky Mountains enjoying the fresh air and scenery.

Cesar does more than simply smell the roses, he plays with the plants, the trees and with everything he can access thanks to R82 walking and gait training products, they empower exploration that otherwise might not be possible and Ambassador Mary Katherine enjoys going to the beach all summer long.

Enjoy this pictorial of Convaid | R82 and other product users enjoying the Summer of 2017 with more Ambassador summer updates to follow!



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