Like most non-profits, Pediatric Therapy Network relies on a strong donor base to continue serving the special needs community in and around the Torrance area. PTN was founded in 1996 by a handful of therapists, parents and volunteers who envisioned an organization that would provide the community with high quality therapy, research and education as it relates to fostering the best possible outcomes for children with special needs. PTN’s founders committed themselves to building a high caliber resource for the many families who were struggling to find services for their children where therapists continue to use equipment and materials that were donated or purchased at yard sales to conduct physical, occupational and speech therapy based on the sensory integration techniques taught by pioneer, Dr. Jean Ayres. Coupled with a family-centered approach, PTN grew at a rapid pace to become an organization that has served thousands of children in the classrooms at hundreds of Los Angeles County schools and at our state-of-the-art clinic in Torrance. PTN provides over 100,000 hours of therapeutic intervention each year.

When Convaid learned of PTN’s immediate need for covers for therapeutic swings called “froggies” Convaid Soft Goods Designer Fredy Lopez came to the rescue by creating a pattern and producing highly durable and attractive coverings with puppy print fabric. When Convaid and Fredy presented the coverings to PTN, they were immediately redubbed “doggies” in honor of the fabric Fredy incorporated into his redesign of the swing covers.

Convaid is a long-time support of PTN, contributing in goods, services and volunteers on an on-going basis.

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