Convaid Flyer

A width-expandable chair that a child can grow with, the Flyer has a uniquely designed tilt-in-space base that also accepts more complex adaptive seating.

A width-expandable chair that a child can grow with, the Flyer has a uniquely designed tilt-in-space base that also accepts more complex adaptive seating. The Flyer comes standard with -5 degrees to +40 degrees of tilt and 30 degrees of back angle adjustment, offers optional recline and a large selection of options and accessories to achieve ideal positioning and support.

The modular design allows for easy removal of the seating module from the mobility base for simple lifting and more compact transport. The Flyer seating module has the ability to grow in width from 12″ to 16″ and the seat depth can grow 4″, for a total seat depth range of 11″ to 21″. This provides therapists and caregivers the convenience and ease of use they desire without sacrificing the seating and positioning needs the user requires.



Convaid Flyer

Recline and Tilt

The Flyer offers a 170° recline and a 40° posterior tilt to a 5° anterior tilt. These ranges help settle the user in any position for ease of activities of daily living.
Convaid Flyer


The Flyer is easily grown in seat height, seat width, and seat depth, allowing one wheelchair to grow with the child.
Convaid Flyer

Accepts after-market seating

The Flyer is available without factory seating to allow for aftermarket seating options.
Convaid Flyer


The Flyer is very lightweight, with the base frame being only 9.5lbs. With the seat easily removable from the base and able to fold down compactly, the Flyer is the perfect chair for on-the-go families.

Standard specifications

Item number 905088 905089 905090 905091 905092
Footrest to seat distance (inch) 6-11.5 6-11.5 6-11.5 6-11.5 6 - 11.5
Height of shoulder strap slots (inch) 16-24 16 - 24 18-25 16 - 24 16 - 24
Overall height (inch) 34-40 36-42 36-42 36-42 36 - 42
Overall length (inch) 28 28 28 28 28
Overall width (inch) 21 22 23 24 25
Seat back height (inch) 18-25 18-25 18-25 18-25 18-25
Seat depth (inch) 11-21 11-21 11-21 11-21 11 - 21
Seat to back angle (°) 80° to 110° 80° to 110° 80° to 110° 80° to 110° 80° to 110°
Seat width (inch) 12 13 14 15 16
Tilt in space tilt angle (°) -5° to +40° -5° to +40° -5° to +40° -5° to +40° -5° to +40°
Weight capacity (lbs) 170 170 170 170 170
Weight capacity transit (lbs) 170 170 170 170 170

Note: Seat to the footplate


Cherry red

Royal blue

Cosmic silver

Plum purple

11.5" or 16" Rear tires

11.5" tires achieve 15" seat to floor height, 16" tires achieve 17" seat to floor height

Two-piece push handle

The traditional push handle is easy to push using both hands while maintaining a secure hold on the chair.

One-piece height-adjustable push handle

Ergonomically comfortable to the touch and adjustable in height and angle for different height caregivers.

Back canes (accepts after-market seating)

Choice of three back cane heights: Short: 19" (Height range: 13"-19"), Medium: 22" (Height range:13" 22"), Tall: 25" (Height range: 13" - 25").

Height adjustable back pans

The back can be adjustable from 13" to 25" in height. No tools are required to adjust back height. Back pans include back cushions and covers.

Cushion thickness: 2", density: 4 lbs., fabric: cordura

Royal Blue

Forest Green

Cherry Red

Sassy Purple

Princess Pink

Panther Black

Chocolate Brown

Aqua Blue

Apple Green

Footplates attach to the front riggings.

65° Removable Front Riggings - Short

5" - 11" Seat Pan to Footrest Height

65° Removable Front Riggings - Long

5" - 13" Seat Pan to Footrest Height

90° Removable Front Riggings

5.7" - 11" Seat Pan to Footrest Height

Angle Adjustable Elevating Leg Rest (ELR)

Can accommodate a client with a knee extension contracture, edema or venous return insufficiency in the lower extremities.

Legrest Extension +2"

Extend the length of the legrest to properly position a taller occupant. Extend an addiional 2" to 3" depending on the model of wheelchair.

Individual Angle Adjustable Footplates

The individual footplates are angel adjustable for optimum leg and foot positioning. These footplates can be adjusted to accommodate a shorter leg to footplate desired height.

One-piece footplate

Option of fixed or angle adjustable

Recline system

Additional recline up to 170◦ for resting, and diaper changing is available.

Height adjustable removable armrests

Armrest length: short :9.00", long: 11.00"

Flip-up, height adjustable, armrest

Armrest length: short: 8.34", long: 11.34" (Standard on sizes 15 and 16)

Transit ready frame

Adheres to WC19 safety standards for safe transportation.

Transit lap belt

The crash-tested (SAE J2249) transit lap belt provides additional occupant safety when riding in a bus or van. The belt connects to the bus anchored shoulder restraint harness and is used in addition to the pelvic positioning belt.


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