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TOPIC: Fighting gravity! Managing Asymmetries through Seating and Positioning

DATE: Wednesday, May 26th

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Sheila Buck

Presented by Expert: Sheila Buck, B.Sc. (OT), Reg.(Ont.), ATP 

Course Description: 

This course will review typical asymmetries found in the seated posture. We will review how gravity, as well as tone, can cause and exacerbate these asymmetries. We will examine the pelvis and trunk as well as the hip and knee angles. Ultimately, we will understand how to position the client and utilize seating systems and mobility bases to reduce the effects of gravity and/or accommodate asymmetrical positioning from tonal changes. Most importantly, we will discuss the relationship between gravity and support of the head in a level/midline position despite asymmetrical posture, in order to enhance overall functioning.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. The participant will be able to list three asymmetrical postures.
  2. The participant will be able to describe the appropriate steps in assessing hip flexion discrepancies and how to support these in a seating system.
  3. The participant will be able to describe where postural support is required in a wheelchair seating system based on three-point positioning.

Meet the Presenter: Sheila Buck, B.Sc.(OT), Reg.(Ont.), ATP

Sheila is an Occupational Therapist from Ontario and has been actively working in the field of seating and mobility for over 30 years. Sheila has spoken extensively at national, international, and European seating symposiums on seating and mobility issues. Sheila has authored, More Than 4 Wheels: Applying Clinical Practice to Seating, Mobility and Assistive Technology (2017 3rd Edition) which is a practical guide to seating and mobility for dealers, manufacturers, and therapists interested in the field of assistive technology. The book is currently being used in practices throughout Canada, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Asia, the US, and the Caribbean. She is also the author of Chapter 14: Manual Mobility Applications for the Dependent Users in Seating and Wheeled Mobility: a Clinical Resource Guide (Lange, M., & Minkel, J. (Eds). 2018).


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