Meet our New Territory Manager

Gary Quellet, ATP
Territory Manager
Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee

Gary has been working in the rehabilitative technology industry for many years, initially in sales and marketing as an independent manufacturer’s representative and Territory Manager with Sunrise Medical, Jay Medical and other rehabilitation companies.
He also has experience operating his own rehab medical equipment company specializing in high-end power and mobility equipment and has worked with hospital clinics such as the Shepherd Center, Emory hospital, and Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. Gary sold his company to NSM and stayed on through the transaction concentrating on pediatric rehabilitation products.

Gary has been with Convaid R82 since September 2018. He says, “Having the opportunity to work with Convaid R82 in the pediatric rehab market has changed my life. It’s so much fun to have the interaction with the client, physical therapist, and family. The joy this job brings and using my ATP knowledge is the best of both worlds.” Gary loves working through difficult positioning situations and giving the client the best possible outcome with Convaid R82 products. Gary adds, “I have only been on the job for a couple months and still have much to learn, but I see all the commitment that everyone at this company brings to the table and I am very happy to be on the team.”

Gary is married to Arlene who is also his best friend and girlfriend all in one. They have a great family life which includes daughters and grandchildren. Gary and Arlene enjoy hiking and the outdoors and have a strong Christian faith as Catholics.

Gary’s greatest hobby and passion is cycling. He says, “I have cycled throughout the United States and Europe. When the weather is too nasty to ride, I have been known to pick up a guitar and get lost in it.”

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