Mobility Made Easy

Convaid enriches the lives of special needs families by providing best-in-class, easy-to-use, convenient and attractive mobility products for all stages of a young person’s life — from infancy to early adulthood.

Mobility Made for Families

At Convaid, we re dedicated to helping families living with special needs enjoy their freedom and lead full active lives. We understand that families and caregivers need a wheelchair that is lightweight, convenient and easy to handle, while also colorful and contemporary in style. Our products are designed to provide optimal comfort, safety and mobility. Convaid does not maintain a standing inventory of wheelchairs.  Each Convaid wheelchair is individually assembled to meet each user’s unique and special needs.

Convaid partners with dealers, therapists and caregivers to customize each wheelchair to meet individual physical and therapeutic needs. Convaid can deliver its orders quickly — typically within three to seven business days.

Mobility Made to Last

Convaid products are subjected to rigorous performance and safety testing, including crash, drop and bumpy road testing that goes far beyond industry standards and Federal Drug Administration requirements. Convaid products are skillfully engineered to deliver years of mobility and comfort and are backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Mobility Made Affordable

Even though Convaid products are made to order, they cost less that you might expect. They price slightly above the cost of a standard wheelchair, but with enormous difference in performance, durability and value, which is why tens of thousands of families choose Convaid for their pediatric mobility needs.

Mobility Made in America

Convaid wheelchairs are manufactured in Torrance, California by skilled technicians who are passionate about their craft and about making life better for young people and their families. Convaid’s highly trained customer service team is housed in the same facility as manufacturing and is on call to answer product-related questions to help customers get the most value from their Convaid products.

Types of Convaid Wheelchairs

  • Tilt-in-Space
    • Trekker (TM)
    • Rodeo
    • Safari
  • Upright
    • EZ Rider
  • Fixed Tilt
    • Cruiser
    • Metro

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    • Stingray