Safe paediatric standing supports increases the child's physical and mental well-being as well as enhance the mobility and can increase bone density. Assistive devices for standing promotes participation in daily life activities.

Standing principles

Paediatric standing products that can be configured and adjusted to provide the child with the support needed to maintain an upright standing position.

Support the child's delvelopment

Our product solutions aim to support children in maintaining the standing position, by providing support for the legs, pelvis region, trunk and, in some situations, also the shoulder region, head and neck region, and arms.

The use of a standing device can help to support the child’s development of independent standing, or to compensate for a lack of development.

Enabling the child to maintain a standing position will let the child apply different loads on their bones, joints and muscles. This will make it possible to develop new skills and prevent secondary consequences of the health condition from affecting the child.

Target users

The target users of our solutions range from children with severe impairments who need comprehensive support, to children with mild to moderate impairments who can stand with adult support and need a solution that allows them to stand without adult support.