Immedia SatinSheet set

Sets with the most popular combinations

The BaseSheet and the three different DrawSheets can be combined in numerous ways, depending on the user capability and needs. Below we have the most popular combinations.

Immedia SatinSheet System

Immedia SatinSheet System is designed to make moving a user in bed easier, whatever their ability. The In-bed system helps reducing strain on the carers back and therefore prevents work-related injuries. Moreover, it helps to save time and may reduce the number of carers needed.

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Item number
Product includes
SatinSheet DrawSheet midi set IM4200S IM4113S + IM4118S
SatinSheet DrawSheet mini set IM4201S IM4108S + IM4116S
SatinSheet DrawSheet maxi midi set IM4202S IM4114S + IM4118S
SatinSheet 4Direction Fit midi set IM4203S IM4112S + IM4115S
SatinSheet 4Direction midi set IM4204S IM4113S + IM4115S
SatinSheet DrawSheet midi small set IM4205S M4119S + IM4118S
SatinSheet 4Direction midi small set IM4207S IM4119S + IM4115S
SatinSheet Corner DrawSheet midi set IM4208S IM4107S + IM4118S
SatinSheet In2Sheet midi mini set IM4209S IM4119S + IM4110S
SatinSheet In2Sheet mini set IM4210S IM4108S + IM4110S
SatinSheet Corner 4Direction midi  set IM4211S IM4107S + IM4115S
SatinSheet Corner 4Direction maxi set IM4212S IM4107S + IM4121S

Do not use fabric softener or bleach.


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