The R82 Gazelle and R82 Mustang have won Best Picks in the category of standers/standing frames and gait trainers by Mobility Management, according to the publication’s editor, Laurie Watanabe. Each year, ATPs and clinicians not affiliated with nominated companies are asked to choose their go-to product solutions in a range of complex rehab technology categories.

The complete list of 2017 Mobility Management Best Picks winners will be announced in the July 1 issue of the magazine with trophies to be delivered to winners at the International Seating Symposium to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in March of 2018.

The Mobility Management Best Picks-winning R82 Gazelle stander can be used by children in a posterior or anterior position. With many adjustment possibilities and a wide range of accessories the R82 Gazelle is suitable for a wide range of conditions. By allowing children an opportunity to stand, the R82 Gazelle encourages both physical and psychological well-being.  It comes in three sizes and can accommodate users up to 176-lbs. and 74 inches in height.

The R82 Mustang, often prescribed for children living with Cerebral Palsy or developmental delays, is an anterior/posterior gait trainer.  The R82 Mustang helps mimic the natural up-and-down movement of walking while providing proper positioning and support for children while they learn the stepping and walking skills.

The R82 Mustang provides excellent upper body support and adjustable angle positioning for forward tilt in the anterior configuration and full upright support in the posterior configuration and comes with a variety of positioning accessories that provide extra support and can be removed as walking skills progress.

Mobility Management initiated its Best Picks contest in 2010 as a vehicle for ATPs and seating & mobility clinicians to make their voices heard.

“The Best Picks program is unique because impartial ATPs and clinicians who work with these products every day are the ones who make the nominations. What I love so much about the contest is that a lot of smaller or niche products get chosen. It is wonderful that they get their time in spotlight and that the real experts get to acknowledge products they love,” Watanabe said.

“It is an honor for Convaid | R82 to receive such notable industry recognition for two of its top standing and walking solutions. There is nothing more rewarding than to observe a child who takes his or her first steps in a R82 Mustang or one of our other products. What’s even more encouraging is to watch a child’s confidence and ability build by on-going use of our walkers and gait trainers. Similarly, it is uplifting to watch a child interact in a prone position with friends and family by use of our R82 Gazelle,” said Nanneke Dinklo, Director, Marketing.

Other Mobility Management 2017 Best Picks competing categories include: power chairs, manual chairs, power-assist systems for manual wheelchairs, wheelchair seat cushions, wheelchair seat backs, custom/highly adjustable seating systems (including custom-molded seating), standers/standing frames and gait trainers, pediatric mobility, positioning components, power and manual positioning systems (including tilt, recline, elevating leg rests) and wheelchair performance components.

Past Mobility Management Best Picks for Convaid products include the Convaid Carrot 3 car seat (2011) and the Convaid Rodeo (2013).

Based in Denmark, R82 develops and produces innovative products for special need children and young adults. These are tailored to individual needs based on comprehensive product development and clinical input. R82 prides itself on a high caliber of quality of service and customer engagement. Together with Convaid, Convaid |R82 is Etac’s Junior Division, providing a full-range of pediatric solutions for the special needs population.

Convaid | R82 develop and manufacture premium pediatric products typically prescribed for children with mild to moderate involvement of the following conditions:  Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Spinal Bifida, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Cystic Fibrosis, Mitochondrial Disease, Metabolic Diseases, and Sensory Processing Disorders, among others.


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