The phenomenal R82 Scallop just awarded Honorable Mention at the 2017 ATSA Independent Living Expo. It came was was a close second out of nine products entered for the award. Way to go, Keira! No wonder so many families all over the globe are picking Scallop as their go-everywhere seat! You can order yours at: 844 US MOBILITY (844-876-6245)

This comfortable take-everywhere portable seating unit is made up of a flexible shell that is held together with Velcro that can be used for long sitting. The Scallop can be attached to a chair or used by itself. When not in use, it packs into an attractive tote bag and comes in four sizes and multiple reversible colors.

The Scallop encourages active participation, is good for early intervention, stimulates balance without preventing movement, enables users to sit on a chair, provides tactile stimulation and improved seating alignment and enables long sitting. For many Scallop users, it is the first time they are able to sit at a dining table in a typical chair. Read more . . .

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