Seating and mobility expert, Missy Ball, MT, PT, ATP will present the first in a series of Convaid | R82 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit webinars. Moving into 2018, Convaid | R82 will expand its educational offerings to include a mix of for-CEU credit, clinical and product-related webinars in 2018.

On Thursday, November 16th from 10-11:30AM PST, the first such webinar will be presented. Attendees have the option of attending the course to earn CEU credits or to participate without earning credit.

The webinar, entitled The Evolution of Tilt and Recline Wheelchairs, will address historical developments that lead to present recline and tilt wheelchair design. Manual frames will be the focus. Distinctions in tilt-in-space versus recline systems, as well as technical specifics in frame design and clinical application will also be discussed. Convaid | R82 products with tilt and recline features will also be explored with regard to clinical relevance.

Clinical attendees who wish to earn the .15 CEU credits will need to pay a $25 processing fee. Those wishing to attend without earning credits may use the discount code NoCEU when registering in order not to be charged.

Follow this link to register for the Evolution of Tilt and Recline Wheelchairs webinar.

Learning Objectives for the Webinar:
• Participants will be able to describe clinical reasons to use a posterior tilt-in-space frame and reasons to use anterior tilt.
• Participants will be able to describe a clinical case scenario where central gravity axis tilt frame would be most beneficial and explain advantages of central gravity axis tilt over traditional tilt.`
• Participants will be able to describe methods in design presently used to reduce the shear which occurs with recline?
• Participants will be able to explain how to choose between tilt, recline or both for clients for specific clinical reasons

Presenter K. Missy Ball, MT, PT, ATP and certified pediatric NDT is the former Acting Director of the Physical Therapy Department of Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, where she co-directed the hospital’s seating program for 10-years. She has also worked with United Cerebral Palsy Center’s Seating Clinic and continues to serve as a global seating and mobility educator.

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