School Bus Safety

Get on Board with your Convaid Transit Wheelchair!

Convaid transit wheelchairs are not only convenient, but also SAFE! You will love how easy it is to maneuver your child’s compact, lightweight wheelchair on and off the bus. Once on the vehicle, the bus driver will appreciate the easy-to-find, bright red anchors that make securing the chair a snap!

WORRY FREE – Your Convaid transit wheelchair is also one of the safest transit wheelchairs on the market! You will feel comfortable that your child is being transported safely on the school bus with a Convaid pediatric wheelchair. Each of our transit wheelchairs are specifically designed to be WC19 compliant, which means that each model is crash tested to meet or exceed all National Transit Safety Board requirements for school bus safety. Plus, your WC19 compliant transit wheelchair has several key features for added safety and comfort – 4 bright red anchors, foot positioners, headrest extension, h-harness and a 3-point positioning belt. With Convaid’s WC19 compliant transit wheelchairs, there is no need to worry about the bus ride to and from school.

Watch this video and compare how Convaid’s transit wheelchair performs compared to another wheelchair during crash testing. You’ll feel more secure knowing your child is protected by a Convaid transit wheelchair that meets WC19 compliance standards.

For more information, visit our WC19 Wheelchair Safety page. You can also request or download a copy of our Transit Safety Brochure.