Wheelchair Testing Information & Videos

The “Center of Gravity Test”, or “Wheelchair Stability Test”. This design and engineering test measures both adult and pediatric wheelchairs for stability. The Center Of Gravity test uses a mechanical tilting platform to determine the center of gravity of a fully loaded wheelchair with the brakes applied. By identifying the wheelchairs center of gravity, we can design a well balanced, steady and safe lightweight wheelchair. The precision tilt machine is also used as a research and development tool – it is used to determine wheel spacing and tilt angles so that we can manufacture the safest and strongest wheelchairs possible. The Wheelchair Stability Test conforms to guidelines set by The American National Standard Institute.

The Accelerated Fatigue “Wheelchair Strength Test”, also known as the “Bumpy Road Test”, is our most severe wheelchair durability test. This rigorous test simulates the harshest conditions to ensure longevity and durability. Using a twin drum device, we subject a fully loaded lightweight wheelchair to a grueling 100 hours of simulated bumpy road strain. One hundred hours is TWICE the National Standard and gives Convaid the confidence to offer a limited lifetime warranty on our lightweight wheelchairs.

In the “Wheelchair Stress Test”, or wrack test, The Wheelchair Stress Test machine grabs the wheels on the wheelchair, and twists the frame back and forth. After 10,000 cycles at 8-degrees deflection, all Convaid wheelchairs tested still tracked straight. We are the only wheelchair manufacturer that subjects our compact folding wheelchair products to this test. Many of our portable wheelchairs use a “spring loaded” frame design that allows for the frame to flex when going over bumps or uneven surfaces, this provides a natural shock absorption.

WC19 Crash Testing is one of the most important tests performed on Convaid Transit Wheelchairs.  The Transit Crash Test requires that our wheelchairs successfully pass a 30 mph/20g impact sled test.  We perform this test both here at Convaid as well at an official testing facility such as University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.  The “30mph/20g” crash criteria is the same criteria that is used in testing all automobiles and child restraints or car seats.  This is done with the intention of providing wheelchair occupants with equivalent protection.

It is our objective to make Convaid lightweight, compact-folding wheelchairs as easy to understand as possible! We have available an array of informational and instructional wheelchair videos for you to watch and to learn from on our Youtube Convaid Wheelchairs Video page.