We listened to your requests to add the R82 wheel locks to our  Convaid wheelchairs. Three popular Convaid wheelchairs, Cruiser, EZ Rider and Metro are now equipped with the lighter, easy-to-use and highly durable R82 wheel lock!

Effective July 20, 2018, the current wheel locks will be discontinued and replaced with the R82 wheel locks on the following Convaid products and sizes: Cruiser 10-16, EZ Rider 12-16, and Metro 12-16.

  • No maintenance
  • Compact and light
  • Easy-to-use
  • Durable

Since the merger of Convaid and R82 in 2015, the Research & Design teams have been working on taking the best technical elements of products from both brands to improve product quality and functionality for products within their diverse range of pediatric complex rehabilitation solutions. The most recent application is the incorporation of the R82 wheel lock on the popular Convaid wheelchairs Cruiser, EZ Rider and Metro. These foot operated wheel locks are compact, lighter and require no maintenance.

“Customer feedback is very important to us at Convaid R82 and our release of these new wheel locks is a great example of how we can leverage best-in-class engineering within Convais R82 to bring real value to our customers. Our customers will be extremely excited about the new compact, light and durable wheel locks.” said Ryan Williams, President, ETAC North America.

The new wheel locks are robust and easy to operate. A simple press down of the red lever will lock the wheel into place and a flip up will release it.

Press down to lock






Lift up to release


Convaid R82 is part of ETAC, a world-leading developer of ergonomic mobility aids for people at all stages of life – from small children to the elderly. We offer state-of-the-art products for numerous care situations, that aim to enhance activity regardless of physical circumstances. Our heart lies in the solutions that optimize quality of life for the individual, their family and caregivers. Etac – Creating Possibilities.  

To learn more about the new wheel locks and our Convaid R82 products, please call 844 US MOBILITY (844.876.6245) to speak to our Convaid R82 Customer Service.

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