HoverTech - Reduces work-related injuries

Reduce work-related injuries for caregivers

HoverMatt air-assisted transfer system facilitates patient care and reduces work-related injuries for caregivers, which contributes to a higher standard of care.

11 January 2022

HoverTech has been helping hospital staff for over 20 years to transfer and reposition patients in a healthy way to reduce work-related injuries. Since 2019, HoverTech has been part of Etac and strengthened the wide range of products within patient handling.
The HoverMatt air-assisted transfer system includes a range of multifunctional products that make patient transfers, boosting and repositioning easier — at the same time, improving the caregiver's work-related health by reducing injuries related to lateral movements and repositioning.
An air cushion under the inflated HoverMatt reduces the force required to move a patient by 80-90%. This enables caregivers to move patients without lifting or straining safely and reduces injuries related to lateral movements and repositioning.