Lawmakers are keeping a tight lid on what their alternative to the Affordable Care Act might be. After a 217 to 213 vote narrowly in early May repealed the ACA, Republicans have been extremely hush-hush about what an alternative to the ACA might look like.It appears that McConnell’s strategy is to secure as close to the 50 votes he needs before prospective legislation is unveiled — fearing criticism and a quick unraveling before the Bill even hits the floor. Even during the first vote,  20 Republicans voted against repeal.

In short:

  • The legislation would markedly reduce funding for ACA subsidies
  • How subsidies are handled would also change — insurance would cost less for younger people and more for older Americans
  • Certain ACA taxes would be eliminated, primarily on health insurers and high net worth Americans
  • The plan would not require Americans carry health insurance
  • It would allow insurance companies to add a one-year 30% surcharge to Americans with a gap in insurance coverage

For a complete overview on the proposed GOP healthcare bill, please click here for Washington Post article.

As of this writing, a debate is on-going on the Senate floor. Click here to access.

If the current bill is passed, according to the Congressional Budget Office, 24 million more people would be uninsured by 2026

While the GOP has been united against Obamacare for years, many may be open to exploring expansion of Medicaid, a bane to healthcare for many of their constituents. The latest known iteration of a the GOP Bill calls for getting rid of enhanced federal funding for Medicaid in 2020. Many Republican lawmakers where Medicaid was expanded during the Obama presidency are concerned that such a bill would impact their most vulnerable constituents.

An “Obamacare replacement” bill was also presented earlier this year that sought to give states more power to determine their own health care policy.

In a parallel vein, Convaid | R82 had previously come out in support of stopping cuts to CRT Wheelchair Accessories, issuing a Call to Action to show support for legislation that has been reintroduced in the House of Representatives (H.R. 1361) and the Senate (S. 486) to permanently prevent the inappropriate application of Medicare competitive bid pricing to accessories used with Complex Rehab Wheelchairs.

Congress must pass these bills or take other legislative action before June 30 to stop these cuts and protect people with disabilities.

Convaid | R82 urges members of our community to email local Members of Congress and ask them to take action before June 30, as follows:

Take legislative action to extend the current delay, or

Get CMS to make the needed policy correction

Take a few moments and contact your Members of Congress today. Communication resources are available at to send a quick email.

Please take action now!




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