2018 Ambassador Care Questionnaire

Introducing the Exciting New 2018 Convaid | R82 Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador families have shared their personal triumphs, adventures and product insights on Social Media and within their communities. We’ve watched toddlers grow into kids and kids into teens. We’ve walked, rolled and run for causes. We’ve watched friendships blossom from an initial exchange about a product or condition.

What we’ve learned is each Ambassador family brings its own style and energy to educate and inform others about their choice in pediatric products. Together, our collective knowledge of our community is unparalleled and can promote positive change in the lives of many.

We’re ready to take it to a new level with our 2018 Ambassador Cohort and the Ambassador Emeritus team.

Here’s how:

  • We will be working regionally. We will support our local Ambassadors in championing their causes through our Business Development Representatives and local dealers. When there is a worthwhile community event we will work together to attend, promote and share valuable product information.
  • Condition Coalition & Advocacy. We have strengthened our community alliances with organizations advocating awareness around Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Rett Syndrome, MDA and other conditions. Our Ambassadors may elect to work within these communities or suggest alliances more akin to their conditions. We will work and publicize worthwhile events together.
  • Storytelling. Every family has a story. Every story can inspire, inform or entertain others. We are seeking Ambassadors who can share their experiences up close and personally in service of others living with special needs. We have Social Media tools in place to get your stories read, seen and doing good in the world!
  • Product Improvement. If you’re in a Convaid | R82 pediatric product, you know how awesome it is. We’re always looking for improvements, add-ons and real life, real time feedback from users. We learn from you to create products that can better serve you directly.

How to Become an Ambassador:

  • The application process is simple. Click here to download and complete the Ambassador application. Scan and email to: milena@www.convaid.com along with a picture of your child (or family) using either a Convaid or R82 product.
  • Selection Committee. Our Selection Committee will deliberate in early January 2018. We will announce appointees by January 15, 2018.

Ambassador Initiation:

  • We will hold an on-line Ambassador orientation for the 2018 cohort as well as returning Ambassadors Emeritus that outline the new Ambassador Program.
  • In early January, Ambassador families will receive a welcome package with an action plan outline and welcome gifts.
  • After the Ambassador Initiation, Ambassadors will be sent a questionnaire to best determine their focus areas for 2018. Thereafter, a member of the Marketing Department will reach out to individual Ambassador Families on a quarterly basis to define outreach concentration sectors and protocols.
  • Each family must sign an Information and Media Release Form that allows Convaid | R82 to use their stories, pictures, names and videos on our website and Social Media properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Convaid | R82 Ambassadors receive perks?  Yes. Ambassadors will receive accessories and gifts during their tenure as long as they are actively engaged as an Ambassador.
  • Is there an age limit to apply? No.
  • Is there a geographic restriction to apply? Yes. Only residents of the United States and Canada may apply.