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April 30th GAIT: Analysis and Equipment Selection Webinar

GAIT: Analysis and Equipment Selection Date: THUR, April 30, 2020 Time: 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM EDT Convert into your time Zone By: Sally Mallory, PT, ATP, CPST II Course Description: Gait trainers and walkers are frequently prescribed for children with motor impairments. The rationale behind the selection of a gait trainer versus a walker is […]

April 22nd – STANDING: Why, What and How? Webinar

Watch Webinar Topic: STANDING: Why, What and How? presented on April 22nd by Seating and Mobility expert, Sally Mallory, PT, APT, CPST-II Course Description: Supported standing is recommended and used clinically in the pediatric population for a variety of neuro- muscular diagnoses. The justification for a standing program is based upon several factors. Clinical goals […]

In the occasion of Brexit

The Etac Group has no production and only a few component suppliers based in the UK. But to ensure our product delivery capacity, Etac Group’s Supply Units around the world have planned for Brexit and increased stocks of the components that could become affected. The stock of some third-party products purchased from the UK have […]

Understanding Dynamic Seating by Sally Mallory, PT, ATP, Education Manager, Convaid R82

Which kind of client is most suited for the x:panda? The x:panda can be used by clients with various conditions. However, it was specifically designed for use with clients with cerebral palsy at GMFCS Level 3 – 5. These clients often present with strong extensor spasticity, pelvic asymmetry and developmental delays. The x:panda is an […]

Convaid | R82 Ambassador Madi

Every family has a story. Every story can inspire, inform or entertain others. Since 2015, our Convaid | R82 Ambassador families have shared their personal triumphs, adventures and product insights on social media and within their communities. We have decided to share some of their stories in our monthly newsletter. This month, we would like […]