The Convaid and R82 pediatric team attended the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy annual conference held at Keystone Resort, Colorado, from November 11-13, 2016. Joining sales managers Steve Ricker and Charles Larose and Business Development Representative Chris Reidmiller was Caroline Martinsson, PT, MSci, who made a presentation based on a research article published by her and Kate Himmelmann, MD, PhD entitled “Effect of Weight-Bearing in Abduction and Extension on Hip Stability in Children with Cerebral Palsy” (click here to access the publication).

The Gazelle by R82 was presented in the context of this research.

Every year, physical therapists attend the conference that promises to:

• Provide an educational forum to challenge pediatric physical therapists to transform practice, research, and education.
• Deliver innovative, evidence-based knowledge, skills, and intervention strategies for translation to practice, research, and education.
• Promote the health and wellness of participants and the individuals they serve.
• Integrate pediatric physical therapy practices with other health care providers through professional development and networking opportunities.
• Promote APPT to pediatric physical therapists with a focus on engaging students and new professionals.


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