On Saturday, October 7th Convaid | R82 Business Development Representative Curtis Philyaw will attend this year’s Rett Organization Strollathon to be held at Wheeler Park Pavilion in Conyers, GA, just outside of Atlanta. Upon conclusion of the Strollathon, Curtis will be presenting a Certificate of Donation for product donated by Convaid | R82.

Over  15-years ago, Convaid began support of the Southern California Strollathon, organized by Sherri Brady. Over the years, Convaid | R82 embraced the organization and expanded its planned giving to include multiple Rett Organization chapters throughout North America.

Atlanta-based Convaid | R82 Business Development Representative Curtis Philyaw will made product donation at this weekend’s Rett Strollathon in Conyers, GA.

The Georgia chairperson is Kathy Bowen, who has long been dedicated to bringing awareness to Rett syndrome that is typically discovered within the first two years of life and is rarely seen in boys. Rett syndrome is seen in all racial and ethnic groups with a global occurrence of 1 in every 10,000 to 23,000 female births.

Anyone wishing to join Curtis, Kathy and the Rett team this weekend are urged to register at 12 Noon. The Strollathon begins at 1PM.

Convaid | R82 understands that users, families and caregivers need wheelchairs that are lightweight, convenient, easy-to-use, colorful and attractive. By producing best-in-class products, advocating on behalf of special needs families, and contributing both in-kind and financially to special needs organizations and causes.

Convaid, together with R82 as part of the Etac Pediatric Group, manufacture and distribute products geared to improve life quality of family members, caregivers and children living with Rett syndrome.

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