Immedia GlideCushion

Padded glide cushion

Immedia GlideCushion are used for turning in bed, moving up or down a bed and transfer from bed to wheelchair. GlideCushion can be used to support independent movement or to aid assisted movement. GlideCushion is available in two variants; Immedia GlideCushion nylon top or Immedia GlideCushion cotton/polyester top, which can be combined with a nylon or disposable cover.

Standard specifications

Specifications common for all sizes
Material Outside: 65 % polyester/35 % cotton or Nylon<br/>Padding: Polyester<br/>Inside: Nylon
Item number
Length (inch)
Maximum user weight (lbs)
Width (inch)
GlideCushion S IM60/50 19,5 440 23.5
GlideCushion XL IM90/90 31,5 440 33.5
GlideCushion S set IM4303 - - -



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