Convaid | R82 is delighted to learn that we have been named one of five companies acknowledged for exceptional customer service by the Firefly Community.

Author Stacy Warden writes, “Convaid is one of the leaders in the manual wheelchair industry.

What makes them truly incredible is their generous impact on the special needs community.

You may have heard about a child’s wheelchair being stolen, and Convaid swoops into the rescue knowing that insurance would not assist with the replacement of that wheelchair for that family. Perhaps you bought a wheelchair second hand but it’s missing the accessories you need to make it workable for your child with special needs?

Convaid has regional representatives that are able to assist you putting you in touch with a DME or representative that can assist you through those purchasing needs. Their representatives are responsive to your child’s unique needs and they are a company that is striving to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs.”

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