Fixed-Tilt Wheelchairs

Convaid’s Fixed-Tilt family of lightweight, compact, folding wheelchairs for children, teenagers, and young adults lets you go anywhere, while ensuring proper positioning and support. Going to school, appointments, and even on vacation is possible thanks to the convenient, lightweight design. Just fold it up and put it in your trunk!

  • The 30° fixed-tilt provides improved positioning and upper body control for children with limited upper body strength and/or trunk stability
  • These folding wheelchairs are customizable with options and accessories to accommodate each individual’s physical needs
  • The stroller-style design is lightweight, compact, and convenient, with removable, washable cordura or textilene upholstery available in various colors
  • Available transit models meet or exceed WC19 Safety Standards for safe transport in a school bus or van
  • 5-year growth capabilities: size adjustable frame extends the chair life for a growing child

Fixed-Tilt Wheelchair Styles


The lightweight Convaid Cruiser is designed to provide optimal support and positioning for the individual who lacks upper body strength and/or trunk stability. This folding wheelchair has a 30° fixed tilt angle to provide better upper body positioning and head support.

A variety of positioning options are available to customize this convenient transport chair to the user’s unique needs. In addition to the numerous positioning possibilities, the Cruiser stroller-style folding wheelchair offers two upholstery options in various colors, providing a non-medical aesthetic for the user.

Cruiser Classic

For those who prefer the Cruiser’s classic styling with textiline upholstery and a 2-piece push handle, Convaid offers the Cruiser Classic folding wheelchair. This lightweight model has passed the test of time with a proven track record over 35 years!

Textiline upholstery allows air to circulate, providing ventilation on hot summer days. A wide range of options provides custom positioning for support and comfort.


A transportable, lightweight wheelchair with folding convenience, the Metro weighs just 18 pounds! The Metro special needs stroller is a compact, folding wheelchair with an adjustable seat to back ratio, and height-adjustable, swing-away footplates. This is an ideal special needs chair for children.

Go Anywhere with Fixed-Tilt Wheelchairs!

Fixed-Tilt wheelchairs are accommodating for those with neuromuscular disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy, which compromise trunk strength and create the need for upper body positioning assistance. Fixed-Tilt wheelchairs are frequently and highly recommended for toddlers, children, teenagers, and young adults by physical therapists and other healthcare professionals.

Convaid wheelchairs are made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Convaid’s Self-Tensio™

Self-Tensio™ is Convaid’s unique self-tensioning seating system, which provides pelvic positioning similar to a solid seating system in an umbrella folding rehab wheelchair. Learn More


Convaid’s lightweight, stroller-style, folding wheelchairs for children and young adults can be made to order with special positioning options and wheelchair accessories to suit the unique needs of the user.

Contact us for more information regarding our Fixed-Tilt lightweight, folding wheelchairs and other mobility solutions.