Convaid Trekker

The Convaid team just made the latest generation of tilt-in-space wheelchairs better, meeting the needs of an even wider range of children living with special needs, from early intervention up to the weight of 110-pounds.

Proudly made in USA, the new Trekker is lightweight and compact and has an improved docking interface, making it easy for you to slide the seat and lock it when you need to attach, detach or reverse the seat. Fold your Trekker frame easily into a compact and lightweight package with or without the seat and use only one hand to unfold.

Enjoy the new Snuggle Upholstery, which offers Convaid’s most cocooned upholstery and can now accommodate a user as small as 5.5” hip width, 5.5” seat depth, and 9” shoulder height, due to the extra padded hip guides and a new integrated headrest.

Continue on to learn more about highly versatile seating options offered with new Trekker: The Trekker seating module can grow in seat depth and back height over the course of a child’s life, allowing consistency with your tilt-in-space wheelchair. The adaptive docking system lets you use the Trekker seating module with the R82 High-Low indoor frame or use the R82 Stingray size 1 seat with the Trekker frame, to meet the needs of a child’s Activities of Daily Living.

Highlights of the Trekker® include:

  • Snuggle upholstery offers cocooned comfort for early intervention users through late teenage years
  • The easiest docking system on the market
  • One size Trekker frame TR14 accepts size 12″ and 14″ wide seat
  • R82 Stingray seat option
  • R82 High-Low:x indoor frame
  • Lightweight and compact folding frame
  • Variable positioning of tilt (-5° – 45°) and back angle (80° – 170°)
  • Accepts after-market seating options
  • 180º reversible seating

Convaid | R82 is a part of Etac, a world-leading developer of ergonomic mobility aids for people at all stages of life – from small children to the elderly. We offer state-of-the-art products for numerous care situations, that aim to enhance activity regardless of physical circumstances. Our heart lies in the solutions that optimize quality of life for the individual, their family and caregivers. Etac – Creating Possibilities.

To learn more about the New Trekker, call 844 US MOBILITY (844.876.6245) to speak to our Convaid | R82 Customer Service.

The Trekker®:  Hamza’s Story

Hamza is a precious 3 year old who was born with lissencephaly, a rare disorder in which the brain does not develop folds or grooves, resulting in severe developmental delays. Due to very low muscle tone and the inability to support himself in sitting, Hamza was unable to use a regular stroller. Reyna, Hamza’s mom, has found that the Trekker not only provides the support and comfort that Hamza needs but is lightweight and easy to use for her to make everyday life less of a challenge. Watch the video to learn more about Hamza and his family’s story.