When It’s Not Covered by Insurance…

A webinar about Alternative & Charitable Funding of Equipment & Services

DATE: Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Time: 07:00 PM – 08:00 PM EDT Convert into your time zone

Course Title: When It’s Not Covered by Insurance…A webinar about Alternative & Charitable Funding of Equipment & Services

Course Description:

By the age of 21, children with disabilities utilize on average 20-25 different pieces of durable medical equipment to facilitate participation and independence.  Despite having medical insurance that may cover some of this specialized equipment, families are still left without-of-pocket expenses causing financial pressure and great stress.

So, what can be done?  In this informational webinar, we will discuss the ways that manufacturers, suppliers, and healthcare providers can support families as they advocate for funding.  Our guest speaker, Tammy Simmons, otherwise known as the “Disability Funding Specialist” will provide information about her proven process for applying for support from various charitable funding sources that assist children with special needs. Tammy will share some of her best tips, advice and success stories from her popular book, The Disability Funding Guide to empower families to achieve their fundraising goals.

Who is this presentation for?

  • Parents and caregivers of a child with disabilities
  • Individuals or organizations that serve children with disabilities

Learning Objectives:

  1. List steps for creating a charitable funding plan for equipment, products, or services.
  2. Identify at least 3 methods or sources of obtaining charitable funds.
  3. Obtain or generate at least 2 key documents when applying to a charitable funding source.

Meet the Presenters:

Presenter #1: Tammara Simmons

For over 46 years, Tammy has worked in her family business, The Bike Rack, as an adaptive bike specialist helping children with disabilities by doing fittings and evaluations. In 2002, she started a charitable arm of her business called Project Mobility. Through adaptive cycling events, the organization has raised funds to donate adaptive bikes to those with disabilities.

Through these experiences, Tammy has been teaching parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals how to raise the funds they need to provide their child with the products, therapies, and services that insurance doesn’t cover.

In 2019, she formed another nonprofit organization called The Funding Project with the goal to educate healthcare professionals at hospitals and disability organizations throughout the country on methods of fundraising.

Collectively over the years of teaching others and fundraising herself, Tammy has raised over 7 million dollars to support thousands of individuals with disabilities

Presenter #2: Julie Kobak

Julie has a background as a speech-language pathologist with 25 years of clinical experience in pediatric and adult rehabilitation. At the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital for Rehabilitation, she was a member of a multi-disciplinary inpatient team serving children with traumatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy, and other neurologic disorders and conditions. She developed expertise in caring for children and adults with tracheostomies or on ventilators and was a clinical specialist for a medical device manufacturer, educating and training other medical professionals at the national and international levels about this topic.

Julie also has lead teams of up to 40 therapists and support staff for the broad dissemination of education to healthcare providers, patients, and family members. She has developed novel education products and programs including clinical newsletters, patient education materials, anatomic teaching models, therapy guides, animation videos, webinars, e-learning products, and live in-services, workshops, and seminars. As the Marketing and Education Program Manager for Etac -US, Julie is passionate about developing and providing education about state-of-the-art products and solutions that optimize the quality of life and create possibilities for the individual, their family, and caregivers.

Note: This is an informational webinar and not offered for continuing education credits.

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