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TOPIC:  Seats at the Table: Partnering with Families and Children in Equipment Conversations

DATE: Tuesday, September 14, 2021

TIME: 01:00 PM – 02:00 PM PDT Convert to your time zone 

Presented by Expert: Adriana Sabet, PT, ATP

Course Description: 

Caregivers and individuals with disabilities often are without a map when navigating the medical model for themselves or their families. This lack of direction is compounded when interfacing with team members that often do not have a personal frame of reference for disability, caregiving, and sometimes even parenting. As a result, discussions around choosing, obtaining, and using adaptive equipment are sometimes difficult. This presentation is powered by the practical experience of parents and kids as we examine conversations around assistive technology. Participants will gain insights into barriers that exist for kids and families as well as strategies to reduce obstacles through communication, education, and empowerment.



Learning Outcomes:

  1. The participant will identify 3 caregiving stresses that can affect assistive technology decision-making and utilization.
  2. The participant will determine 2 strategies identified by families that create an environment for a team approach.
  3. The participant will compare and contrast how education and communication affect device selection and utilization.
Target Audience: PT, OT, ATP, all professionals interested in adaptive/assistive technology
Educational Level: Introductory
Course Completion Requirements: Attend a full 1-hour live webinar, 80% on the post-test, complete course evaluation.

Meet the Presenter: Sally Mallory, PT, ATP, CPST

Sally Mallory is an NDT-trained physical therapist with over 35 years of clinical experience. She has worked the majority of this time focusing on developmental pediatrics and pediatric rehabilitation. Over time, she realized the importance of utilizing assistive technology as a means to complement therapy and developmental goals. This includes seating and positioning equipment, mobility equipment, and the use of other means of support for activities of daily living. Sally has worked in a variety of settings including the NICU, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, school and home settings. She has also had her own consulting business. Sally has worked as a trainer and educator for major international equipment manufacturers. She has lectured nationally and internationally on equipment and the proper selection of equipment based upon clinical assessment. Sally is currently an educational consultant for Etac.


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